AesthetiksMed Medical Spa 

Would you like a next-generation solution to streamline your medical spa business?

Focus on your patient's needs.

Have your business work for you by using AesthetiksMed to transform your practice operations and increase your profits. AesthetiksMed's med spa practice management software provides a one-stop-shop solution, allowing you to focus on your patients' needs.

HIPAA-compliant solution

If you are looking for a system to organize your practice, AesthetiksMed is the right choice. Because of its customizability and scalability, it fits many medical specialties.

AesthetiksMed's next-generation software supports medical spa practices across the United States. 

Our mission is to enhance patient care, increase productivity, boost revenue, ensure security and compliance, and support you in maximizing your practice's performance.

Our med spa software will streamline workflows and give you more time and space for patient care by automating communications and processes, facilitating operations, and maximizing profits. AesthetiksMed transforms time-consuming but necessary tasks; it is intuitive and invaluable. This one-stop solution will free time throughout the practice, from the front desk to managerial tasks. It cuts costs and frees you to spend time more profitably. 

Customer Support 

Our customer support is exceptional. When you choose AesthetiksMed, you select top-quality and cover yourself with top-quality backing from our customer support team. When you contact AesthetiksMed, you will speak to a knowledgeable person from every company sector with access to expertise. Our team includes medical professionals, Research and Development, engineering, software, and technology experts, as well as people who understand what is needed by you on the front line, providing services to patients.

Software Implementation 

Med spa software should free practitioners and staff time. AesthetiksMed recognizes that your time is too valuable to spend on mundane, time-consuming tasks that could be automated

Implementing AesthetiksMed software has been smooth. We provide training for you and your staff, and our software is designed to allow easy data migration from your existing system.  

There are two options for onboarding: self-onboarding or having our Customer Success team take care of it for you. If you opt for self-onboarding, AesthetiksMed has produced webinars to support your practice staff in smoothly transferring data from any existing software system. Our Customer Success team is here to help you in any way you choose.


High-performing software facilitates medical spa practice management. Client experience is key to success, and our software is designed to support that. With AesthetiksMed's medical spa software, you can choose from a number of integrations that improve workflows, communications, cash flow, and time management.

Payments—We have strong partnerships with 360 Payments and Square, which provide flexible, secure, convenient, and scalable payment systems for you and your clients.  

Medical Spa Software Key Features

Medical spa software needs to work as hard as you do to ensure your practice's success. The features at your disposal have been carefully designed to make light work of administration, communications, marketing, and more. Your time is valuable, and how you spend it impacts the success of your practice. We have made sure that our spa software includes the features that will be beneficial to you.


Customer management

Employee Management

Waiting List

Advanced analytics

Online Forms & Medical History

Gift cards

Medical History

Before and after photos


Prepaid packages

Ticket Management Support

Online service booking 

Online Products sell 

And More 

Packages can be discounted, allowing customers to add more treatments and increasing revenue for your practice.