Enhance patient care

Use AesthetiksMed's Patient Portal to offer personalized VIP treatment to every patient. Our scheduler, online forms, and intelligent reminders enhance the patient experience and make your job easier.


All successful medical practices require software that enables smooth, efficient day-to-day operations. AesthetiksMed's intelligent suite of tools automates manual tasks, freeing up valuable time and allowing your staff to focus on what matters – patient satisfaction.

Improve productivity

AesthetiksMed saves up to 8 hours per week per employee and empowers the front and back office staff to focus on growing the patient base and increasing patient satisfaction.


Is your staff buried in mundane, time-consuming tasks that keep them from spending more time with patients? If so, they would likely have more time to support you. Give AesthetiksMed a try and see productivity skyrocket.

Boost revenue

Easily monitor financial performance and make data-driven decisions. Use one system for quoting, invoicing, refunds, insurance claims and submissions, and more – all within a single platform.


AesthetiksMed provides a fool-proof system to protect your income and give staff more confidence with less anxiety. Access an extensive library of built-in reporting features created specifically for your practice.

Security & compliance

Never question your HIPAA compliance again. All AesthetiksMed features are HIPAA-compliant and available on any web-connected device, including managing incoming leads and online form submissions.


Allow patients to contact you securely via the HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal. AesthetiksMed also provides secure lead capturing from your clinic or practice website. Our physically secure cloud servers have automated backups and provide you with the necessary controls to stay in charge.

Access anywhere

With AesthetiksMed's comprehensive cloud software, you can quickly check in with the practice staff or patients from your office, home, or while traveling on vacation or a business trip.


AesthetiksMed is a native, proper cloud-based solution. All you need is a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Are you on your way to a conference and forgot to include the before-and-after photos in your presentation? No problem. Log into your practice while on the plane and take care of the additional slides.

Built by people who care

AesthetiksMed's multidisciplinary team brings deep expertise from various industries to our mission to streamline the healthcare industry. We work closely with practicing providers and staff to make AesthetiksMed the best product. Have you ever been asked to help develop an EHR/Practice Management solution that caters to your needs? Here is your chance. We provide monthly updates and ask customers for feedback on the existing modules and new features. We want to hear from you!